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Did you know that this most popular Canarian tradition has its origin in the 16th century? After the conquest of the island of Gran Canaria, in the late fifteenth century the island was populated by various nationalities and in August of 1521 a group of Italian residents organised the first Carnival of clearly Italian origin. In 1574 even the official chronicler of the city and the island describes the first "masked ball".

The modern carnival was reborn after Franco's dictatorship in 1976 though even during this difficult period when it was banned the local people celebrated it under the name of "Winter Festival".

Each edition of the  carnival has its own Queen of the Carnival, its Great Lady and a Child Queen. In1998 Las Palmas was the first place to present also a very popular Drag Queen Contest . In  the last thirty years the Carnival has become one of the main attractions of the island  so if you want to see the capital of Las Palmas or the other regions of the island vibrating with fun and entertainment, pack your costume and visit Gran Canaria "de carnavales"!

Programme 2015

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (31st of January - 21st of February)

Theme: A Thousand and One Nights

  • Queen of the Carnival Gala - 13/02/2015
  • Drag Queen Gala - 20/02/2015
  • Carnival Parade - 14/02/2015

Maspalomas (13/02/2015 - 01/03/2015)

  • 28/02/2015 - Carnival Parade
carnival drag queen


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